Wednesday, December 3, 2008


here's my submission for the VO Calendar.  This was a lot of fun, there was trial and error with the digital coloring process, because im still learning, but it's making my work feel more legit, so thats something to be pumped pumped right now... 

But, i still have to please my, im letting you kno that there is an oil painting version of this thats in the works and goin will be the next pheest picture..

..i got a rock..


.. The bells and whistles post means the official ending to my "Big Bad World" class.  This works because i have these next two weeks to be focused solely on my portfolio class (which is needed), but it means the end of one of my favorite classes.  The work was plentiful, but ive never been more jazzed about illustration.   S. Buzelli-dawg. yes, yes..